Review – The Rentals

The Rentals
Last Little Life EP

the rentals, last little ep, review

By Chris Brunelle

The Rentals have returned after a long hiatus to cheer you up and remind you how much you like Moog synthesizers. Sunshine and good vibes fill this lovely new Rentals EP. “Last Romantic Day” begins with violins plucking away as those familiar synths and guitars kick in. Matt Sharp sings of love and endings as beautiful harmonies by Sara Radle, Rachel Haden, and Lauren Chipman weave in and out as if to remind one of the love Sharp is lamenting. “Little Bit Of You In Everything” chronicles how the memory of former lovers can haunt you no matter how much you may want to move on. It can be said for all the EP’s tracks: this twee-pop love letter is simple, personal, and eminently recognizable.

“Life Without A Brain” compares love to school (a cute move for these now-middle aged folk), and plays at how hard that book learning is when you aren’t that smart, even if you really want to learn. “Sweetness And Tenderness,” from their debut album, gets reworked as the last track on this EP, and it may seem at first like just another version of a familiar song, or a desperate pawing-at for headier days. Following the other songs on this release, it reaffirms that Matt Sharp hasn’t changed much over the years; he’s still trying to find the same school boy love he’s always looked for, no matter how much he’s gone through. The Rentals do their job, wrapping Sharp’s stories up in soothing, upbeat arrangements that make us all feel better about things not working out.

Originally published in Impose Magazine, this article can also be viewed here.


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