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June 10, 2009

Tonight in Brooklyn, the once and future kings of Budget Rock and Roll, The Mummies will rip this town a new one.  Together from 1988-1992, The Mummies were a bay area garage sensation releasing  a big batch of singles and a handful of lp’s strictly on vinyl.  This was at the time when Compact Discs were taking over the market, replacing cassettes, but The Mummies stayed pure.  In fact, on the back of every album, the phrase “FUCK CD’S” was prominently displayed.

The Mummies never revealed their identities, remaining anonymous proprietors of garage rock, the heart and soul of old rock and roll, vinyl purity, irreverence, unabashed fun, thrift store equipment, and embracing the beauty in the stoopid.  The men behind the gauze eventually got outed by insider friends but nonetheless wrap themselves up in some of the warmest stage costumes rock has ever seen.  I can only imagine how much water they have to drink after a show to rehydrate.


They’ve been an inspiration to me. They’re mostly unknown to the masses, but to those in the know, they have a righteous place on the musical map.  If you ever have a chance to listen to the album “Never Been Caught” which is pictured above, please take advantage.  It’s a garage classic.  I’ll take it any day over the 13th Floor Elevators.  In fact, the only band that can top The Mummies in garage music are The Sonics.  Everyone else is less exciting, nowhere’s near as compelling.

My smokin’ hot girlfriend, Cristalle, is from Hayward, California in the East Bay.  The album Party At Steve’s House pictured at the top was recorded in Hayward and therefore my girlfriend is even cooler than we all thought just by random association.

There was a period where I was obsessed with Mummies drummer, Russell Quan.  I even dressed up as him for Halloween.  Then thinking back, I remembered that maybe 6 years ago, I went to a wedding out in the Bay Area for my buddy, Chris Reardon.  He got me into all this punk and garage stuff back in college. Moving out there, he came to know a lot of these cats we had admired back in college. Turns out, one of the guys dj-ing at his ho-down reception was none other than Russell Quan.  I didn’t know who he was at the time but I must say he was the best dj I’ve ever heard.  And this is before I was even a fan.  He was spinning old 45’s.  Old rock, old r&b, all stuff that the whole room loved but had never heard before.  That’s the mark of a good dj.  If he can make you love everything he plays and you have no idea what it is.

Anyhow, in my recent Russell obsession, in searching about him online, I found this article:

Rocker’s Guide to Vintage East Bay


So when Cristalle and I visited her parents, we when to Val’s Burgers.  The banner picture of me on this blog is from Val’s.  I’m standing in front of a picture of Russell and The Mummies-Mobile. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they drove to all their shows in a white Hearse.  See, they’re clever, too.

So I can’t wait.  They broke up in ’92.  They played a couple shows in ’99.  Last fall ’08 they played their first show in 9 years.  It was in Spain.  I seriously considered going.  If I were a rich man…

I heard from a friend a month ago that they were coming to Brooklyn and Hoboken.  By the time I found out about it, they were all sold out.  Luckily I have a man on the inside who is doing me the biggest favor.  I dedicate this blog to the wonderful MIKE MORI!!!!!!

It’s only a few hours away now.  Below are 2 videos.   The black and white video is from back in the day on a cable access show doing “Justine.”  The other video is the opening song from their show last year in Spain.  Can you feel the energy!!!!!????