Dinosaur Jr.



Fat Possum

Gosh darnit are Dinosaur Jr. back.  Do these guys still have it?  They sure do.  “Almost Ready” charges out of the gate.  With J’s masterful guitar blistering over the power surge of Lou and Murph.  “We’re Not Alone” offers the mostly lightly poppy tone on the album.  J takes break from ripping you a new one with his guitar work in favor of a style that reminds of classic Johnny Marr picking.  Mascis’ increasing talent in recording at home is evident in the quality and delivery throughout Beyond.   The power and edge of this trio’s original offerings is unquestionably intact but with an extra layer warmth and fullness that lacked in the early days.   Like barbecue sauce on ribs, the effect hits you in the guts and sticks.   The songwriting has that critical self-awareness as it weaves through stories with J questioning his ways and theirs in each situation.  He sings of finding his way unashamed and accepting of any fumbles in his stepping. The surging sound of Massachuset’s finest turns these insecurities into anthems.   They show us all how hard you can rock even if you are kinda sensitive.  The songs are great.  The band rocks.  Like Will Ferrel’s play on James Lipton, I’m forced to invent a word to describe the greatness of this album as there isn’t one in the English language that can do it justice. This album is awesomonstratocious!

Originally published in Impose Magazine.


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