Tall Firs


Too Old To Die Young

Ecstatic Peace!

The influence of 90’s is still going strong with the Tall Firs.  These guys make me think of the last few Pavement records if Malkmus stuck with only guitar and let his friend Thurston take over the vocal duties. The Tall Firs are indie-rock fans and as you’ll notice at most indie rock shows, those kinds of people are mellow and well behaved to the point of being boring.  This is the big difference between the Tall Firs and their influences; those particular indie forefathers were brash, adventurous, ridiculous, nonsensical, and irreverent both lyrically and sonically.   The Tall Firs don’t sound happy, sad, pissed off, elated, excited, suspicious, confused, or anything else.  They’re singing about stuff.  It just doesn’t sound that important to them.  A lot of “cool” musicians feign apathy but these guys really seem to feel it.  Even when they swell the music and raise the intensity, I feel so politely rocked.  It’s an oxy-moronic experience and I’m thus left in the middle pretty unaffected.  I guess there’s logic to all this being a group of guys spawned from Generation X in the romanticized sense: a group of random lost souls that don’t know what to rebel against.

Originally published in Impose Magazine.


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