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James Of The Woods

March 17, 2010

James Of The Woods is the band Brother Jim Wood is using to get his songwriting gems out there these days.  I caught the full-band debut of this project recently and was uber-impressed.  Jim’s just a damn good songwriter.  We joke about how Jim writes about 1 song every 10 years, but each one is so great.  Find him on and try to make him play more shows!


Great Songs

August 31, 2009

Every now and again, you hear something that rejuvenates the ears.  It sends a frequency of positivity through your body.  You play the song over and over again.  It’s uplifting, even if the song is sad.

Last Monday, I downloaded 2 songs for free that did just that.

Baby Dayliner

First off is “You Push, I’ll Go” by Baby Dayliner.

Download it here.

I accidentally saw Baby Dayliner perform 6 years ago at the Mercury Lounge.  I’ve been a fan since.  His album “Critics Pass Away” is a classic.  His music combines strong elements of New Wave and Hip-Hop, but is it’s own thing entirely.

The 2nd song is “These Are My Twisted Words” by Radiohead.

Download it here.

Have you ever heard Radiohead?

They’re good.

You should check them totally out.